Friday, November 29, 2013

I always wished for Moderie.com to be more photos than words because after all, the consumer is perfectly able to have his own opinion. But this time, I make an exception. It's with a tear in the eye that I've learned from Elsa Vecchi and Eva Friede papers yesterday that the Montreal Fashion Week produced by Groupe Sensation Mode has been canceled for February 2014. The fashion industry in Montreal is harsh. As with the film industry, our fashion designers must be very resourceful and creative to succeed and tackle big projects with fewer means. Designers always need to present their collections to be able to sell them, but this has to be done according to their budget in order to face this harsh reality. Unfortunately, the Montreal Fashion Week is its latest victim.

It's even more sad to lose such a fashion event because, as a photographer, I can attest that the lighting conditions were exceptional. While waiting for the next big fashion event in Montreal, we will perhaps see an increase of collection launches in smaller venues or even in clothing boutiques. Moderie.com is always there to cover these events and feature designers' work. And if you are planning a fashion event yourself, make sure that your models are evenly lit from head to toes, and your favorite photographers do not have an obstructed view.

Hoping for the privilege of being one of your favorite photographers,

Dominique Léger
Editor, developer and photographer.

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