Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Fur Council of Canada present the 30th edition of NAFFEM, the North American Fur & Fashion Exposition in Montreal, from April 29th to May 1st, 2012 at Place Bonaventure.

NAFFEM 2012 opening night is titled MOVIE TIME. Featured brands are A.F.G. 1972 by Nipal Srl, Alice Arthur, Amalia & Tabaro, Andrew Elissee, Argiriou, Argo, Belle Fare by Ming Yang, Branco Pelle, Canadian Hat, Dero, Dominic Bellissimo, Euroline, Global, Hidesociety, Jean Crisan, Kazamias, Kiluk, Kopenhagen Fur, Luna, Musi, Natural Furs International, Nobel, North Atlantic Fur Group, North Pole by Hilary Radley, Northern Lights by NAFA, Paula Lishman, Rendezvous NY, Rosamori, Starlight, Suprema, Wolfie and Zuki.

Also, creations from The Vicki-Y Collection by Alexandre Hamel, Maria Isabel Carranza, Marie-Michèle Larivée and Marie-Pier Haineault are featured.
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Bonus scene! Featured brands are Avon Fur, Chosen Furs, De Fur Fashion, Di Bello, Dino Gaspari, Elat, Friedman Furs, G.C.E., Mt Beauty, Northern Canadian Wild Fur Collection, Pelliarts, Peter Mark Fashion and Rockler LA.
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Model Agencies: Folio, Montage and Specs
Shoes: Aldo
Styling: Christina Louiso
Production: Hans Koechling, the IMAGE is...
Director: Teresa Éloy

Photos of NAFFEM 2011.
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