Monday, February 24, 2014

Stylists Geneviève Allaire and Nancy Richard present D Moment, an event celebrating emerging designers, February 24th and 25th, 2014. For this first edition, Fall 2014/Winter 2015 collections are featured.

The Télio contest finale is also presented during the event. The twenty-five finalists are Alex-Ève Martin (3rd place), Angela Huang, Ashley Hjorleifson, Ashley Mead-Robins Bahareh Kianifar, Bulgun Puteeva, Capri Philip, Chloé St-Antoine, Dorothée Tessier-Thomas, Enyse Charles, Fayann Huang, Frédéric Joncas (1st place), Hamish Thwaites, Jeesun Lee, Julie Desjardins, Marie-Camille Désy, Mathieu Joncas (2nd place), Mira Héon, Nicole Boyer (technical mention), Nikki Niknam, Roberto Racanelli, Samantha Stroman, Sel Unson, Ted Whetter and Ting Pan (creativity mention).

11 photos· Aragon
15 photos· KQK
18 photos· 3.Paradis

47 photos· Dominique Ouzilleau
10 photos· Marilyne Baril
25 photos· Télio
12 photos· House of Sins
22 photos· Insieme and Annick Levesque

Model Agencies: Look, Montage, Orange and Specs
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