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Decembre 23rd, 2019

A new year, a new resolution! It's with great sadness that I stop working on my initiative for an indeterminate time. I tried to reach a number of designers to create more opportunities for original and varied content, content totally essential to attract visitors to this website and potential sponsors. Unfortunately, my attempts were left unanswered, radio silence. It's rather difficult to envision the future and relevancy of this project under those conditions.

Some designers complain to media for being choked by the dumping of productions from countries ruled by dictators. The fashion industry changed and is tougher, indeed, but the facts remain that designers must be open and in solution seeking mode. In my opinion, they would benefit from uniting themselves and speaking from only one voice, share ideas, and thus multiplying opportunities to promote their creations.


Welcome! There are quite a number of talented designers in the Montreal area. And given the thirst for fashion, several international designers also have offices in Montreal. It becomes harder and harder for consumers, and even people from the industry to track everything that is going on. A drawback of traditional media is the short life of news. The mission of seeks to address this need, i.e., offer a nice visibility for designers' work available in Montreal: ready-to-wear, high fashion, alternative fashion, and accessories. All styles are allowed!

Dear visitor! The clothing items that you love are not featured here? Mention it to your favorite designer. Dear designer! Your collection is not featured here? Invite to the photo shoot of your next collection.

Note that you can be notified when new articles are available by subscribing to the RSS feed. Last but not least, feel free to send any missing info if you were part of a fashion show. I always give credits where credits is due (models, stylists, make-up, ...).

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Dominique Léger
Editor, developer, cameraman and photographer.

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